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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than one open position?

If you already have applied for any open position, your contacts are saved in our DB. In case of a position for which you are relevant, our...

Can I send you my CV, although there is no open position for which I am suitable?

You can always send your CV with an updated information about you. This would help to assist successfully for finding your new job.

How long will take to find a new job?

The time for finding a new job is strongly individual – in a period of five working days you can have a meeting with our client, followed by a job...

How much I have to pay for the consulting services for finding a job?

The service for our candidates is free of charge for them.

I cannot find the answer of my questions.

Please visit the contacts page and fill-in the contact form.

In what period of time I can have a feedback by your side?

We depend on the feedback from our client so our policy is always to ask for information after your meeting with him. As a standard period of time is...

What are the steps of the recruitment process?

Since you have applied for any open position, in case you fit the requirements our Consultant will contact you in order to organize a meeting with...

What is the procedure of applying for any open job position?

You can apply for any of the open position directly from the job ad for to send CV at [email protected] .

When I can expect an answer after applying for an open position?

Every job application is reviewed by one of our consultants. In case you meet the requirements, we will contact you as soon as possible. If we are...